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LV_Magic_Show PARTY PACK # 1
The Magical Party Basics.

Thirty minutes of pure joy and fun for the kids.
This package includes a wonderful
magic show
that will amaze and delight children of all ages.
Cory's magic shows are like bubble gum for the
eyes filled with bright colorful intriguing props that keep onlookers puzzled and bewildered.

The birthday child is the star of the magic show and receives the "Star of the Show Award!" Magicians Assistant Diploma and a free Magic Trick. $10.00 value included in every one of our party packs.

The Upscale Magical Package

This package includes the same fun an exciting magic show as detailed in the magical party basics. The children will have so much fun they will never forget it. There is plenty of audience participation, mystery and fun. The birthday child is always the star of the magic show and receives the acclaimed "Star of the Show Award!" along with a free Magic Trick. $10.00 value!

After the magic show the children will enjoy receiving their very own balloon sculpture that they can play with for the whole party. Sculptures include, party hats of all kinds, animals, heart balloons, flying mice, swords and many other unusual creations.
Magic Show!PARTY PACK # 3
The Ultimate Magical Extravaganza

One hour of fun and bliss! Every child deserves
once in their life to experience a party like this. This package is filled with Magic, Face Painting
and Balloons. Your party will start hopping the
very moment we arrive.

The kids really love this package because after the Magic Show they get to spend time with Cory the magician getting their face painted. For the girls they get their face painted with hearts, rainbows, flowers, ladybugs and butterflies. The boys get lightning bolts, top hats, stars, magic wands
and much more...

The birthday Child is made a star for the day. The birthday child also receives the acclaimed "STAR OF THE SHOW AWARD!" The International Association of
Magicians Assistant Diploma and a free Magic Trick. $10.00 value!


                 "YOUR CHILD WILL BE 

Your child deserves to be made THE STAR OF THE DAY! on their birthday. That special day only comes once a year. You can be sure your child will be smiling bright because you chose to make their birthday party extra special.

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Professional children's
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We do it all!

Imagine how much fun your next birthday party will be.
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Magic Wand!

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I can even turn your child into a RABBIT!
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