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Party Pack #1 (30 minutes)
Basic Magic Package
The Basic Magic Package

This package contains a magic show that willamazeand delight children of all ages. Cory's magic shows are highly entertaining,interactiveand just plain fun.

This comedy magic show is filled with bright colorful intriguing props that will keep the kids glued to their seats, puzzled & bewildered.

The birthday child is the star of the of the magic show and receives the "STAR OF THE SHOW AWARD!" The birthday child alsoreceivesthe Magicians Assistant Diploma and a free
magic trick. The free magic trick is included in all our packages.
$175.00 Now only!$150.00

$25.00 OFF Limited time only!
Not to be combined with any other discounts or special offers.

Party Pack #2 (60 minutes)
Super Magical Package
The Super Magical Package
This package includes the same fun and exciting magic show as detailed in the Basic Magic Package.

The children will have so much fun that they will never forget it! There is plenty of audienceparticipation, mystery, and fun in this party pack
All the kids will be glued to their seats with Cory's silly magic.

The Birthday Child is always the star of the comedy magic show
and receives theacclaimedSTAR OF THE SHOW AWARD. The birthday child also receives the magic wand diploma with their name on it signed by Cory the magician. The birthday child also receives a complementary free magic trick.

After the comedy magic show the kids will enjoy receiving their very own balloon sculptures that they can play with during your special party. Sculptures include; party hats of all kinds, hearts, flowers, balloon animal figures, flying mice, pirate swords,and many other unusual balloon creations.

$200.00 Now only! $175.00

$25.00 OFF Limited time only!
Not to be combined with any other discounts or special offers.

Party Pack #3 (90 minutes)
Ultimate Magical Package
The Ultimate Magical Package!
90 minutes of pure joy and bliss for
all the kids with this party package.
Every child deserves once in their life to experience a party like this. This package is fully loaded with silly and fun comedy magic, face painting and balloon twisting. Your party will start hopping the very moment Cory the magician arrives to your party or special event.

The kids really love this package because after the magic show all the children get to spend time with Cory the magician while they get their faces painted. For the girls they get their faces painted with hearts, flowers, rainbows, ladybugs & butterflies. The boys getlightningbolts, top hats, stars, magic wands,
and much more...

The Birthday Child is made the star of the magic show andreceivesthe acclaimed Star of the Show Award. The birthday child also receives the International Association of Magicians Assistant Diploma and afree magic trick.

$250.00 Now only! $225.00

$25.00 OFF Limited time only!
Not to be combined with any other discounts or special offers.

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Happy Kids!

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