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Where to buy tadalafil online without a prescription If you're over 30 years old – get a doctor's permission if you're pregnant or breastfeeding If you have a heart condition or high blood pressure – discuss the risk of tadalafil misuse with your doctor because there's a high risk of serious side effects A study 645 college students found more than a 20 percent increase in the number of women reporting sexual assault. A recent study has revealed dramatic rise in the frequency of sexual assault and how it is affected by drinking. The study, conducted American Psychological Association (APA), analyzed the survey responses of 645 women who completed their freshman year of college. They were given the option of filling out either a single, anonymous, 30-minute survey or a series of anonymous surveys. The results were then analyzed by the APA's research staff to produce the results reported above. The study notes: "Women who had engaged in nonconsensual sex during their colleges' previous decades (i.e., those who were victims of rape and/or sexual assault) and those who reported having been in a date relationship and/or drunk on the date were more likely to have experienced incapacitated sex [alcoholism and drug involvement] sexual assault (especially if they reported having been drugged by a date or drunk on the date)." Advertisement The students then responded to three questions: - Did you experience someone Buy generic tadalafil online else's incapacitated sex? - And/or, did you experience sexual contact with a person who could not consent to sex because they were intoxicated? (yes/sometimes) - Or, did you experience sexual contact with a person who was incapacitated due to drugs, alcohol or another substance? (yes/often) The APA also offered up some suggestions to prevent sexual assaults, including educating students on the "role of alcohol and drugs in sexual assaults." They also recommended that students develop "healthy" attitudes dosage of tadalafil 20mg towards sex. However, the APA isn't suggesting that women start drinking to alleviate their sexual assault, or that men start using "medications" to avoid unwanted sexual attention. "The findings of our study support the fact that drinking is a common theme for college students engaging in sexual assaults - it's not an isolated incident for them," said APA executive director John Foubert. "Instead, the key to preventing sexual assaults is raise awareness among college student communities of sexual assaults, and that begins with empowering students to make good decisions before they become alcohol- or drug-fueled." Advertisement [APA] Photo credit: Getty Images undefined A major U.S. air base in Jordan could be shut down this year due to the worsening Syrian civil war, according to several sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of issue. Currently home to U.S. Marine Corps and Air Force operations, al-Dhafra Base is located near the Jordanian border, central city of Amman. In October, Jordan's King Abdullah II announced a decision to close the base. According BBC, which first reported on the news, "the United States may have to move some of its forces to bases in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar," since Jordan's army will not be able to maintain enough personnel at al-Dhafra. Jordan, along with the Netherlands and France, helped implement the "Plan B" of U.S. President Barack Obama's military strategy, which involves working closely with Russia to train and arm moderate rebels in Syria. A U.S. intelligence official told the New York Times that there is "strong" discussion of "Plan B" for al-Dhafra, and that the "Plan B" would involve "taking over the base and trying to create a safe space for their presence," but the Pentagon has yet to officially make the call. As previously reported, Russian troops have already begun arriving at al-Dhafra, and Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated that he has no intention of staying in Syria indefinitely, suggesting that the Russian military presence will end this year. Jordanian officials are also currently looking for other bases that could be used to house a U.S. military presence, according to the Associated Press, which added that Jordan will also "

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