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Here is Cory The Magician. Take a look at the video
andsee him in action...What you see is what you get!
He will bring the back drop along with him to the party.
It sets up in seconds and makes the "Comedy Magic Show"
muchmore theatrical.

You won't see Cory showing up at abirthday party in a
polo T-shirt, no way! He is a professional by all means
and will go the extra mile to make your birthday child
feel extra special.

It's all here on the video. You can see theStar of The Show Award, The Wand Diploma, and theFree Magic Trick that is included in all the magical partypacks. ENJOY!


BEST IN MAGIC has three entirely different magic shows for repeat performances. These magic shows are filled with lots
of fun and laughter.Each Comedy Magic Show is approximately thirty to forty five minutes inlength and features a variety of different effects.Booking is simple fast and easy.

Their is no contract to sign or deposit to be made on any of our familyfun packs for "Birthday Parties". "With specials starting as low as $150.00"and thousands of shows and very happy customers, how can you go wrong?

What are you waiting for?
Contact us today!

Las Vegas

Magic themed Birthday Parties
for boys/girls of all ages.

Las Vegas Party Magician
Cory Best

Every comedy magic show is made special. The kids will love
the magic of Cory the magician. Cory is not some weekend
performer who does a few shows a year. He is in demand and
stays very busy performing his magic. Experience counts!

Youcan be sure that Cory Best will show up on time at your special event or party and perform good clean silly magic for the kids. His Comedy Magic Shows are animated,intriguing
and most of all entertaining.

Magical memories that last a life-time!

Las Vegas Kid's Entertainment

Cory Best is a truechildren'sentertainer. He loves making kids laugh and smile. His magic shows are the funniest you'll ever
see. Guaranteed you will be laughing at his goofy antics and
humor... Good clean family fun and entertainment is the name

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Bringing family and fun together!

Listen to what Jan has to say
about Las Vegas Magician Cory Best.

Call Now To Avoid Disappointment!
These shows sell quickly!
Especially on the weekends.


Having a Party?
Photo Album
Magic Show / Video
Magic Party Packages
Book Your Party Today!

Las Vegas Magician

Comedy Magic Show
Face Painting
Balloon Artist

Party ideas!
Party Themes!


Clown parties
Birthday parties
Birthday magician
Children parties
Kids entertainment
Birthday entertainment
Children's magician
Las Vegas clown
and magician
Party magic
Christmas party magic
Kids birthday party magician
Birthday party magic Children entertainment
Kid party entertainment
Magical entertainment
Magic/magician party
Entertainer for children
Las Vegas kids magician
Birthday magic show
Birthday magic LV

The Birthday Child
will be the star of the
Comedy Magic Show!

LV birthday party

The Star of The Show
Award is presented
to the birthday child
at the beginning of
the magic show.


Imagine how happy
the birthday child will
be when they receive
this award in front of
all his/her friends.

Best In Magicwill go
the extra mile to make
sure the birthday child
has atrulyunforgettable
magical experience.


The Best family
entertainment in
Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Magician

Cory Best
Kid's Magician

Cory Best is a full-time
children's magical